Citizen Maths transfer to Jisc

Citizen Maths is a free open online course for people who want to improve their grasp of maths at Level 2. Citizen Maths was developed by Calderdale College, with funding from the Ufi Charitable Trust, working with the UCL Institute of Education and OCR.

We are pleased to announce that Citizen Maths will soon be transferred to Jisc, to be run from early in 2018 as a Jisc service.

Jisc’s initial focus will be on ensuring the continuation of all of the current features of Citizen Maths and on maintaining excellent support for learners and partners. Jisc intends to further develop and update Citizen Maths in order to meet the needs of a wider range of learners.

Speaking about the transfer, John Rees, Principal and Chief Executive of Calderdale College said:

“We are pleased that Citizen Maths is going to transfer to an organisation which provides digital solutions for the whole of UK education and research. We can’t think of a better long term home for the project, which has seen steady growth in number of users since its launch in 2014.”

Karla Youngs, Jisc’s Head of Digital Content Services for Further Education and Skills said:

“Jisc and Calderdale College are working to ensure the smooth transfer of Citizen Maths to Jisc. 14 January is the target date for the transition, and we have a team in place that is working hard to ensure that, as far as possible, the transition is invisible to learners and to partner organisations.”

For more information about Citizen Maths please go to

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