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Calderdale College is committed to developing a sustainable and reliable supply chain to support the future delivery of successful contracts, partnerships and projects. Building on the success of our existing partnership approach to deliver workplace and pre-employment provision across the North of England, we are inviting established partners, who have the expertise, track record and local presence, to join our supply chain.

We can boast an impressive track record having secured over £150 million worth of funding, achieved a less than 1% error rating on all compliance visits and audits, supported over 8,000 employers and 40,000 individuals, and contracted with over 250 delivery partners to provide high quality training.

We are looking to partner with strong regional players who can complement the College’s existing provision and offer high quality project delivery and contract performance in line with College standards.

Becoming a partner:

Calderdale College’s partnership application process consists of four components, all of which are completed through our In-Tend system:

  • 1. In-tend registration

Guidance can be downloaded here.

  • 2. Completion of ‘Expression of Interest’

This captures general partner information, including services offered, target groups engaged and geographical coverage.

  • 3. Gateway & Due Diligence Questionnaire

All potential partners complete this section in conjunction with any potential tender or project opportunities. As part of the application process all partners will be required to re-visit and confirm the details included within their Gateway and Due Diligence section to ensure all information is up to date.

Queries regarding the Gateway and Due Diligence Questionnaire can be directed to the Quality Team on 01422 399339

Guidance can be downloaded here.

  • 4. Partner Application

Each partner will need to complete a specific application for each new tender opportunity. The application will examine in further detail, each partner’s specific expertise in the tender

There are a number of benefits to working with Calderdale College's Funding Unit:
  • Deliver part or fully funded training to businesses in your area.
  • Increase the profile of your training organisation both regionally and nationally.
  • Enable employers to increase staff retention, attract good quality staff and improve company culture by demonstrating an interest in staff development.
  • Deliver to organisations who were not previously able to access training due to financial limitations, as well as support them to achieve commercial outcomes such as rises in sales and profits.
  • Gain an improved understanding of local skills priorities and training needs.
  • Increase in sales, profits and variety of provision.
Our current providers

We update our lists of providers every three months. To view the latest lists of our current providers (correct at 14/05/2019), please click here

If you would like to discuss anything further at this stage, please e-mail

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